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Concrete Fencing
Explains correct concrete fencing installation methods (methods used by Bury Fencing with all fencing installations).
Shows images of concrete fencing installations, all fitted by Bury Fencing. Includes heavy duty waneylap fence panels, super duty waneylap fence panels, vertilap fencing panels (feather edge fencing panels).
Shows the high quality concrete fence posts and concrete fence bases used by Bury Fencing.
Palstic Fencing
Shows images of supalite fencing installations (supalite is an attractive, low maintenance PVC fencing system).
Supalite fencing is an alternative fencing system to traditional wooden fencing or concrete fencing.
Wooden Fencing
Suggests optimal durability wooden fencing methods with fence material recommendations.
Shows images of wooden fence installations including post and rail fencing, custom fencing, and feather edge vertilap fencing.
Trellis Fencing
Standard 4" gap, 1" super heavy trellis, and custom made trellis fencing panels.
Shows images of various different trellis fencing configurations.
Custom Fencing
Bury Fencing offer all types of custom fencing to suit your exact needs. We offer picket fencing, post and rail fencing, featherboard fencing.
Shows images of numerous custom fencing configurations.
Industrial Fencing
Offering to supply and fit secure industrial fencing to suit the needs of your business. Includes palisade fencing, panel systems, concrete fencing
Shows some images of our different industrial fencing types.
Strong Yard Gates
We manufacture and supply extra strong heavy duty gates, made with with mortice and tenoned, cross-braced frames, made from thick tanalised timber. Gates are clad with thick tongue and groove timber. We beleive our gates are probably the best available for the price.
Shows detailed images of our extra strong custom made gates.
Single Gates
We use only heavy duty gates with morticed, cross-braced frames that are made from tanalised timber.
Shows images of our various different gates.
Double Gates
As with our single gates, we only use heavy duty gates with morticed, cross-braced frames that are made from tanalised timber.
Shows images of our various different pairs of double gates.
Replacement Panels
We offer replacement waneylap fence panels, vertilap fence panels, flat top fence panels, bow top fence panels, dish top fence panels, trellis panels, and custom made fence panels.
Shows images of various different types of replacement fence panels.
Replacement Posts
Bury Fencing will remove and replace any damaged fence posts. Our fence posts and concrete fence base panels are strong and of high quality; this way, you can be assured that you will not have the same problem for years.
Shows images of replacement fence posts.
Custom Fence Panels
We can supply custom made fence panels to all sizes and shapes
Shows images of various different custom fence panels made by Bury Fencing.
Fence Extensions
For a higher fence, there is often no need to replace the concrete fencing. Providing the concrete fencing base panels and concrete posts are in good order, we can extend them.
Shows images of fencing extensions by Bury Fencing.
Traffic Bollards
Traffic bollards are an effective security measure. Bury Fencing, under no obligation, will advise and quote according to particular needs.
Shows images of traffic bollards fitted by Bury Fencing.

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